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Yup, I decided to change my username--since my old one was the same as a couple of my email addresses, it was getting just a little too easy to find me, and I'd like to keep this journal primarily for fannish pursuits and personal stuff.

Also, I thought that a new username might be a nice symbol for a new beginning with this LJ. I haven't posted in a really long time (last November to be exact), due to a combination of crappy computer (7 years old and running Win98), crappy Internet access at home, and a situation where I wouldn't dare check LJ or post at work. Also, sometimes when I'm under a lot of stress I just don't have the energy to write stuff that other people are going to read.

But now (at least for awhile) I have great Internet access and a lot of free time, and I'd like to start talking to people again.

I'm also thinking of starting another LJ for book reviews and discussion about librarianship, education, and urban life. I'll let everybody know (though possibly under friendslock) if/when I do that. I just saw that LJ is bringing Basic Accounts back, so I'm debating about whether I should wait until that happens. I have an account on Blogger that I've really never done anything with, and I thought about using that, but I've decided that I really like the threaded discussions that LJ does--I haven't seen another site that I like that does that.

So, hello everyone. I hope to be around these parts a little more often.


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