Oct. 2nd, 2008 02:48 pm
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Well, I think the interview went pretty well, although I blanked for a second on the first question, which was, of all things, "why do you want to work at (Redacted)?" For some reason, that wasn't one of the questions I had specifically prepped for. I came up with something about working with books and working with people, and being in an academic environment since I'm considering going back to grad. school. It might not have been the best answer but it was an honest one. The rest of the interview went pretty smoothly, I thought. There were a couple of other questions that weren't among the ones I had specifically prepped for--one was "describe a time when you failed to provide excellent customer service" and the other one was "describe a time when you made a bad decision." I hate trick questions like that, but I understand why employers use them.

The manager who inteviewed me continued to seem like a really nice person, and she seemed a little nervous as well. I got the impression that she hasn't been a store manager all that long. It's definitely a job where it would be important for people to get along, because the manager and the assistant manager are basically the only full-time people, and they only hire temporary part-timers during textbook season, at the beginning and end of the semester.

The pay isn't great (it would be a comedown from what I was making at my previous job, which wasn't exactly generous), but my expenses are pretty low right now and it wouldn't have to be forever.
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