Jan. 31st, 2010

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So I'm playing Springsteen loud in the living/dining room and doing nerdy dances on the hardwood floors, like I do (at least when my roommate isn't here) and also cooking potato pancakes (which I am probably not paying enough attention to)...

and I started pondering vids to the songs on _Born in the USA_. Now, I realize this is not exactly an original thought, as Springsteen is pretty popular in fandom, or at least in my little corner. I'm one of the more casual Springsteen fans in my fandom friends-group.

I decided that if I weren't too lazy and basically technophobic, I would totally make a Sinclair/Garibaldi vid to "Bobby Jean." It's so perfect. Shots of Babylon 4, shots of Garibaldi waking up from being shot and Sinclair's gone, shots of them being cute in season 1. ANGST LIEK WHOA.

What about "I'm On Fire?" Whatever one chose would have to be CREEPY AND DISTURBING. Although, it occurs to me that a Kara/Lee vid where Lee is clearly the girl and Kara is the narrator would be funny, as well as creepy and disturbing.

Dancing in the Dark? I was thinking of rebootverse!Kirk, but with the line about "little worlds falling apart" I think it could portray him a little unfairly--i.e. as more of an insensitive jerk than he can be at times in canon. On the other hand, maybe it would be perfect for the "Kirk provokes Spock" scene. It's funny; I wasn't immediately fannish about that movie when it came out, and I didn't really grow up with Trek (although I was a casual TNG watcher in high school) but I've been reading some really good fic for it recently.

And "My Hometown"? Perfect for a Homicide vid. Something meta about how the city's dysfunction affects all the characters.

This is a fun game! Feel free to play (with Springsteen songs or otherwise) in comments!


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